Question: What kind of equipment you sell ?

Answer : Almost all types of home textile and non-woven machines

Question: How to choose a suitable machine ?

Answer : If you have exact machine you want , send me picture , if you are not sure which machine or which model is suitable for you , you can tell us your requirements , we can make scheme for you , we accept customized

Question: How to installation ,debugging , operation the machine i bought ?

Answer : Every machine we sold , we will send install pictures ,videos and operation manual book

Question: How can i trust your company ?

Answer : We are a home textile machine manufacture with 18 years experience , we have many agent in different countries , we have own brand “seanoel” , the brand is more important than money

Question: If i bought your machine ,after a period of time , i fall into troubles , how can i do ?

Answer : As i told , we are a 18 years old manufacturer , we will have more and more 18 years , no matter when you have questions , you can find us ,we will be here always , our existing customers enough to support us stand here already , won’t close