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Seanoel Home Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. was a home textile machine manufacturer which build in 2003 year in Qingdao city of Shandong province, mainly engaged in the production of pillow, toy, cushion related machinery.

In 2010,we set up a branch in Nantong city of Jiangsu province, mainly engaged in the production of quilt, mattress related machines.

In order to better build our brand and expand its influence, we set up our own international business department on 2015.

After years of development, from research & development to production to sales,our business covers almost all home textile related equipment.



  • Latest Research And Development & Industry First 0.5 inches row pitch

    1.Slitting device with saddle pendulum more accurate kinetic energy cutting good around. 2.Automatically set needle on Third row needle bar not affected by the position of the pallet. 3.Update needle bar working way, Needle row drive swing arm made by special aluminum al...

  • 60 Sets Single Needle Quilting Machine Order With India Buyer

    1.After two months of communication and confirmation, 60 sets of the latest full-servo lift direct-drive head touch screen computer single-needle quilting machine were finally won 2.This is the biggest purchase quantity for single ...

  • Customized Super Large Cross Laying Machine

    1.Myanmar Pan-Pacific Absolon Co., Ltd have one set Germany polyester wadding production line, but many years past the cross lapper effect is not good anymore 2.Our engineers are invited to visit Pan- Pacific Absolon Co., Ltd 3.After checked the old machine structure,feather and advantage ,our en...

  • Polyester Wadding Production Line Installed

    1.This production line including one set opening machine , one set feeding box , one set 1230*1850 carding machine , one set cross lapper , one set ironing machine , one set cutting & rolling machine 2. The finished products width is 3000MM , the output per hour is ...

  • Algeria Agent Visited

    1.EURL GECO GROUPE who is one of biggest agent in Algeria 2.This time visit is for checking a polyester wadding roll production line , he bought for his customer in Algeria ,this is also our first cooperation 3.Until now 2021.9 , he purchased one set wadding roll production line , two sets needle...